Grant Writing Retreat for Teachers

Build camaraderie and help your teachers develop essential skills.

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Give your team an opportunity to laugh, learn, and level up with an engaging workshop.


Workshops are perfect for administrators, educators, pre-service and new teachers.


Workshops can be combined and customized into half-day, full-day, or multi-day events.

Fun & Engaging

Your team will practice what they\’re learning through interactive exercises and improv games.

Feedback on Leila\’s Grant Writing Course


Work with Leila

Invite Leila to conduct an empowering teacher workshop for your team.


Schedule a Call

Talk to Leila about the challenges your school wants to overcome, then schedule a keynote or workshop on that topic.


Show Up

Gather your team for the event, so they can be equipped with tools and ideas to take their classrooms to the next level.


Watch Your Teachers Thrive

Your faculty will go from frustrated to flourishing as you build trust and encourage creative, and inclusive teaching.

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Are your teachers leaving the field or leaving their best on the field?

An investment in your teachers’ success is an investment in your students, your community, and our world. Talk to Leila to see if a workshop is right for your school and needs.

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