Our Services

What We Do:

We provide guidance and training to school staff on family outreach, community engagement, and cultural responsiveness to create partnerships between diverse parents and educators to increase academic achievement, social equity, and the overall best interest of students.

We collaborate with educators from across the state of Ohio to develop and maintain updated resources for families, students, and educators.

We offer Parent Academies in a language understood by participants and empower parents to set high aspirations for themselves and their children. Training addresses cultural challenges, connects families with community resources, and guides them in becoming an integral part of their child’s academic success — including by becoming more involved in their child’s school.

Expert Guidance:

Our services include keynotes, workshops, consultations, and training on the following:

  • Cross-cultural Communication Skills
  • Parental Engagement
  • Community Outreach
  • Advocacy

Everything you do is better with the community and parental engagement. We guide you on how to achieve that.

Whether you are starting project-based learning, grant-writing, or something else, we show you how to do it best with a roadmap on achieving equitable instruction for all youth through family inclusion, partnerships and collaboration.

We Support You:

We offer virtual and in-person training to staff members on how to best achieve rapid results through powerful parental partnerships to achieve meaningful communication between the district and stakeholders to foster trusting relationships and build a collaborative culture.

Issues we empower you to address:

  • Experience a strong sense of disconnect within the staff, community-at-large, parents, and students.
  • Feel unsupported with too many responsibilities and little authority
  • Feel deprived of voice and visibility
  • Lack a sense of community
  • Unsure of one’s ability to make an impact