Our Services

What We Do:

Teacher Training: 

We offer training and support to school staff on effective outreach to families, with a focus on creating parental partnerships for the success of all students, including English learners. We work with the district to translate documents, create an outreach program, host evening events, and develop cross-cultural communication skills to connect with diverse families they serve. Our training can be offered in-person or virtually.


Parent Academies for schools:

We provide parent training programs as a one-time event or a series to help parents and guardians connect with their child’s teachers, and learn how to engage in their child’s academics. These trainings combine practical strategies on how they can support their child at home and school, improve their communication skills, and develop cultural understanding of the U.S. education system, as well as your school’s expectations. In the past, we have hosted a parent graduation at their child’s school that families cherished for years after.


Internships Program:

We mentor university students and educators who aspire to delve into new initiatives or complete a capstone project. Our interns and mentees represent diverse students and educators from around the world. We mentor them as they pursue a challenging project that meets the needs of schools, families, and diverse youth. We offer them various opportunities to serve and we connect them to our partners. They receive full credit for their intellectual property, such as research or other work, and may not sign off to turn in work without credit.

College students may complete capstone projects or help a partner organization or school as a learning opportunity.

Research & Advocacy:

We conduct research to help educators and newcomers with the best practices for supporting English learners. Topics deal with influence, value, cross-cultural communication skills, self-esteem, among many. They are geared at empowering both the educators and the families to better understand the children in their new setting.

Resource Creation:

We develop needed resources for educators, schools and youth-serving organizations. We may be contacted enlisting our team to create resources, such as translated documentations, research, securing a motivational speaker for students or staff. We are connected and can help.

Grant Opportunity:

We want to empower and inspire school members and teachers that serve in high-need communities to enlist any of the services we offer at a sliding scale, defray the cost of travel, or we will cover it. Please complete the grant application. Our board members meet monthly, and applications have no deadline as they are on a rolling basis offered four times a year based on staff availability.

Grant retreat training:

We provide an intensive grant-writing retreat to train educators on how to apply for grants, secure resources and opportunities for their students, and obtain fellowships to develop skills, travel abroad, or pursue educational research projects.

We train educators on how to apply for grants and fellowships to secure resources and opportunities for their students. Teachers may apply for a partial scholarship to attend the training. For retreat program descriptions, check out GrantWritingRetreat.com.

We Support You:

We offer virtual and in-person training to staff members on how to best achieve rapid results through powerful parental partnerships to achieve meaningful communication between the district and stakeholders to foster trusting relationships and build a collaborative culture.

Issues we empower you to address:

  • Experience a strong sense of disconnect within the staff, community-at-large, parents, and students.
  • Feel unsupported with too many responsibilities and little authority
  • Feel deprived of voice and visibility
  • Lack a sense of community
  • Unsure of one’s ability to make an impact